County Golf Association

U.S. Golf Association Golf Handicap and Information Network

Dear CGA Member:
As more and more tournament sponsors are requiring a USGA GHIN (U.S. Golf Association Golf Handicap and Information Network) 
handicap for entrants, this service solves all handicap needs.  We are happy to provide this service to our members.

For those not familiar with the GHIN system, here's how it works:

        CGA is set up for you to post all non-CGA play on the GHIN website which is 
        Click Post On-Line and enter your GHIN number.  You will then be able to enter your scores.
CGA will post your CGA scores to your GHIN file, if you prefer and GHIN handicap card's are available upon your request.  

The annual fee is $30 and is good Jan. 01 - Dec. 31.  

Please note; this service is optional and is not required by CGA.

E-mail us!