County Golf Association

Clearwater, FL


ENTER A TOURNAMENT----We email or mail newsletters to current CGA members bi-weekly. We include an entry card for the events listed in the letter. Simply complete the entry card for the event(s) you wish to enter then mail, e-mail. or fax the form. You may also bring your entry for future events to a tournament. Phone calls work great too. Our office number is 727-446-6644 and our cell number is 727-430-4770. If we are unavailable please leave a message and a return phone number. You may pay at the course by cash or check. Credit/Debit cards ARE NOT accepted. You may enter as many/few events as you wish. We encourage you to enter early as some events fill quickly, especially in season. When completing your entry card, remember to write your name, circle the preferred starting time and list the preferred pairings.

PREFERRED PAIRING----If you have your own playing partner or group we will be happy to pair you together.  If you do not have a partner, don't worry. We will pair you with someone from our "singles pool." Usually, we can pair you with someone close to your handicap. Should pace of play become an issue with your preferred pairing, pairings will then be made by CGA to ensure a 4 - 4.5 pace of play for everyone.

PREFERRED TIME----Most of our events have a morning and an afternoon shotgun start; however, we do occasionally have an event which requires tee times. This will be noted in the newsletter and on the entry card. It is imperative that you circle the preferred start time. In the event of tee times, we will honor your requested tee time to the best of our ability. Needless to say, all competitors cannot tee off at 8:00 A.M., for example.

FLIGHTS----Depending on the number of players, we flight each event into the Regular division (Men 54 years of age and younger), the Senior division (Men 55 years of age and older), the Super Senior division (Men...your age & hdcp total 90 or higher) and the Ladies division. In better ball of pair events, if one partner is a Regular and one is a Senior, the team will be in the Regular division. We award prizes in the better ball events to the top gross winners in the Regular & Senior divisions and net prizes to the overall Net winners. In the individual stroke play events depending on the number of entrants, we may have a Regular division, Senior division, Super Senior division and Ladies division.

WITHDRAW----If you need to withdraw from an event, please let us know when you know. We need time to make changes. We will refund your entry fee or give you a credit.

HANDICAPS----Our computer system coincides with the United States Golf Association. Our computer will begin calculating your handicap after your 5th score has been posted. The more scores we have entered for you, the more accurate the handicap will be. CGA handicap cards are printed upon request. ( Note: We only post CGA scores into your file. )

ARRIVE AT EVENT----Once you arrive at the event, look for the registration table. After you have checked-in you will be given your starting hole number and start time. If you need directions to any CGA event, or have questions about a course, call our contact numbers.


1. This local rule is because we have an issue with players raking bunkers. If you are in a sand trap and your ball is in a foot print, you have the option to rake the trap and then drop the ball...YOU CANNOT PLACE THE BALL. If your ball is embedded in its own pitch mark, this rule does not apply.

2. This local rule is because CGA plays different tees at different courses and we even play different sets of tees on particular holes on certain courses. If by accident you play the tee farther back you must play that ball out for that hole...NO PENALTY. However if you hit from the back tee and then go to your correct tee and hit another ball, there is a one stroke penalty. Also to note, you can never play forwad of your proper tee without a penalty

3. This local rule is because there are a few courses in which birds/animals may pick up your ball. Should a bird/animal pick up your ball and the entire group agrees this took place, you may drop a ball in the area where your ball was picked up...NO PENALTY.

4. This local rule is because there are times we play courses which are very wet. We allow relief with an embedded ball though the green, but your group has to agree your ball is embedded in its own pitch mark. This does not aply if your ball is in the hazard.

DID I WIN ?----After each event, we email the results to the courses. We publish results in the newsletter and we also update the web page ( current results ) the evening of the tournament. Winners receive merchandise at the pro shop at the course where winning occurred. Please allow at least 24 hours for the golf courses to enter this information into their computers before trying to collect your winnings. If you need to pick up your mechandise prior to the 24 hours, call the golf course ahead of time to see if the certificates have been issued, they will need your name and the date of the tournament. We encourage you to pick up your merchandise winnings at the pro shops within 90 days, but many courses allow a longer period of time to redeem your winnings. Please be aware of your expiration dates as any unclaimed merchandise is forfeited to the pro shop. If you have any questions about expiration dates, do not hesitate to contact us.

GUESTS----We understand you may know someone who would like to play as a guest in a tournament before joining CGA. We encourage CGA members to bring guests. However, we do ask you to understand, we must give first priority to the CGA members, especially in season. Meaning, if a tournament fills, we give first priority to current CGA members over guests. This situation does not occur often, but we like to prepare everyone for the possibility. In better ball events, if the guest is paired with a CGA member, the guest is eligible to claim winnings "one" time prior to joining. Your guest may continue to play as a non-member, but please note they are not eligible for prizes. The guest is ineligible to compete for prizes in the individual stroke events. Guests and members pay the same tournament entry fee.

OFFICE HOURS ----We monitor our office phone 727-446-6644 and cell phone 727-430-4770 regularly. On tournament days, it is best to reach us by cell or email.


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